My scsi tools

You want to turn on the scanner or another scsi-device after linux and the scsi driver already is loaded?

You want to turn off the scanner or another scsi-device while linux is running?

Here are some tools that help:

More info? Read scsi-programming-howto, search for "add-single-device"

ATTENTION: it is a bit dangerous to use these tools. If you use one of these tools for a scsi disk you may loose your filesystems on that disk!!! If you use these tools you do it on your own risk.

You have to edit devices.h before you call "make"!!! Enter the BUS and ID numbers for the listed devices!

Here are the tools:

  • rescan-scsibus
  • addscanner
  • addcdrom
  • addcdburner
  • addzip
  • delscanner
  • delcdrom
  • delcdburner
  • delzip

To add a device: turn it on and wait until it is ready, then call rescan-scsibus or eg. addscanner

BEFORE you turn off a device you HAVE TO call eg. delscanner.

To take a look at the device list do:

cat /proc/scsi/scsi
Here it is: scsi-tools.tar.gz - without any support.
Don't contact me if you lost any data or if you destroyed a device!!!

This page has been changed on 9th. february 2001

Author: Oliver Rauch