SANE-umax news


Changes from sane-1.0.13-41 to umax version 1.0.13 build-42:

  • Replaced fork() routines by sanei_thread routines and fixed some not thread-save parts. The backend does work with Mac OS-X now.

Changes from sane-1.0.12-40 to umax version 1.0.13 build-41:

  • Astra 2200 SU via USB connection: quality calibration is reset and not selectable

Changes from sane-1.0.10-39 to umax version 1.0.12 build-40:

  • UMAX UC630: Wait until scanhead is repositioned

Changes from sane-1.0.9-38 to umax version 1.0.10 build-39:

  • Power Look 2000: corrected wrong calibration-width-offset from 52 to 22 and added calibration-width-offset-batch to 24
  • Replaced fork() by thread for OS2

Changes from sane-1.0.8-37 to umax version 1.0.9 build-38:

  • Added Power Look 2000 as supported scanner.
    You have to add the following lines to the beginning of umax.conf:
    option calibration-width-offset 22 option calibration-width-offset-batch 24

Changes from sane-1.0.8-36 to umax version 1.0.8 build-37:

  • Improved handling of batch-scan-next-tl-y
  • Added Linotype Hell SAPHIR3 as supported scanner

Changes from sane-1.0.8-35 to umax version 1.0.8 build-36:

  • Support for PowerLook 2100XL
  • Added UMAX PS-2400X as supported scanner
  • Added batch scanning support for PowerLook 2100XL and Powerlook III: In batch scan mode the scanhead is not moved to the home postion for each scan, this increases the scanning speed a lot.

Changes from sane-1.0.8 to umax version 1.0.8 build-35:

  • Corrected ID (HDM LS4H1S) of Linoscan 1400
  • Activated lamp control for Astra 1220S V1.5

For a complete list take a look at umax.CHANGES

This page has been changed on 1st june 2002

Author: Oliver Rauch