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What is this page about?

On this page you find information about the sane-umax backend of the sane-project.  This backend supports most UMAX SCSI scanners and some scanners of other vendors. It does not support any USB or parallel-port scanners. To find out if your scanner is supported by the sane-umax backend take a look at the Documentation or take a look at the sane-project's homepage.

Note that there is a sane-umax1220u backend that supports some ohter UMAX scanners.

Latest News

2004-01-14: sane-umax-1.0.13 build 42 available

The reader_process is handled by sanei_thread instead of fork() now. This version of sane-umax also works on Mac OS X.

Information about UMAX firewire/IEEE1394 scanners.

Information about the Astra 2100SU and Astra 4000U

  • Since sane-umax-1.0.7-build 33 (and any further version) the UMAX Astra 2200 (SU) is supported via USB. With some changes in the USB routines it could be possible to support the Astra 2100 SU and the Astra 4000U. I just got a USB-Snoopy protocoll of the Astra 4000U and it looks like the Astra 4000U uses the same data structures like the UMAX SCSI scanners. This does not mean that the scanner already is supported. It only means that (after a lot of work) it may be supported by the sane-umax backend. I still do not have any information about the Astra 2100 SU.

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